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Become a Brand Ambassador

Welcome to our new Brand Ambassador program :-) Please read through the details below to learn more about the offer and how to participate.
We are looking forward to hear from you :-)


Who can become an ambassador?

Mums and their daughters of 5-10 years

Anybody with a love for handmade boutique clothing and the concept of matching clothes for girls, dolls and also Mums, who would like to be part of the Lilli Lovebird family and believes that you can achieve anything you want if you do it with passion and dedication to your dream.

Anybody who would like to be part of an amazing adventure and give their genuine support to see a dedicated family business grow :-)

We want to create a group of ambassadors representing all the beautiful variety of colors, cultures, shapes and sizes in this country :-)

How do I apply?

Please send an email to and let us know

  • Why you would like to become a Lilli Lovebird Ambassador
  • How you would represent the brand and which networks you would use
  • Age and dress size of your little princess, who will be our Junior Ambassador

Please include 1 portrait picture and 1 full size picture of your daughter for us to see which colors and styles would fit best for your little princess. Optionally a picture of you and your daughter together. Please don't send large files per e-mail. Pictures of  max.     1 MB each will be sufficient.

What do I get as an ambassador?

  • You receive 2 styles from every new collection for free
  • Exposure on our website where we present our brand ambassadors
  • Be part of the family and exchange ideas directly with our Creative design team as well as with other ambassadors
  • You will be the first to know about new designs and projects
  • Preorder facilities and special discounts

What’s my job as an ambassador?

Help us grow and create brand awareness

  • Share your feedback on the dresses you receive with your network
  • Keep up to date with latest collections & promotions (e.g. on Facebook) and share these within your network
  • Create innovative content through pictures, videos or similar and give us permission to share same throughout our own network (e.g. our own social media pages or website)
  • Be in touch with us through our dedicated Ambassador Group and share your thoughts on feedback you received from other customers (throughout your network) , design ideas, your ideas on how you would like to create brand awareness, forward leads to potential new partners…
  • Possibility to earn some extra money with our upcoming “treasure chest program” (details to be confirmed)

How long does this program last?

As it’s a pilot project we haven’t fixed any specific duration. What we are looking for are genuine and long term partners. We reserve the right to cancel your ambassador nomination if ever we feel like you are not putting sufficient effort, your network doesn’t include enough potential customers or if your presentation of the brand doesn’t comply with our vision. Respect and honesty among each other as well as towards customers is of utmost importance to us and any kind of rude or discriminating behavior will lead to an immediate exclusion of the program.

Should you decide that you’d rather resign from your position as ambassador, just send us a mail (maybe with a few words to let us understand your decision) and we’ll remove you from our list. No strings attached.


We are looking forward to your e-mails and to welcome you in the
Lilli Lovebird family :-)